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Souvenir Shop
“This is a very famous aquarium in this area. The grass as I look up, we can see so many kinds of fish. These makes not only your eyes but also your mind so happy. ”
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“Umekoji Park (Umekoji Koen) is a large, multi-purpose park west of Kyoto Station in the south of Kyoto. The large grounds of the park are home to the Kyoto Aquarium and the Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum. Umekoji Park has wide open spaces for ball games and leisurely picnics as well as a walking course and a children's play area with swings and slides. ”
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“Modern landmark of Kyoto. Standing 131 meters tall just across from Kyoto Station, Kyoto Tower (京都タワー) is Kyoto's tallest structure and a rare modern iconic landmark in the city famous for its ancient temples and shrines. The tower was completed in 1964, the same year as the opening of the shinkansen and the Tokyo Olympics.”
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Place of Worship
“From Nyosui Kan, take City bus No. 9 bound for Kyoto station. Approx. 20-25 by bus.”
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Place of Worship
“Nishi Honganji (西本願寺) and Higashi Honganji (東本願寺) are two large temples in the center of Kyoto. As headquarters of the two factions of the Jodo-Shin Sect (True Pure Land Sect), one of Japan's largest Buddhist sects, they are a good place to experience contemporary Japanese Buddhism. Nishi Honganji (West Honganji) was built in 1591 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, after the sect's former head temple, Ishiyama Honganji in Osaka had been destroyed by Oda Nobunaga due to the temple's interference in politics. Nishi Honganji is the head temple of the Honganji faction of the Jodo-Shin sect with over 10,000 subtemples across the country and 200 temples overseas. Nishi Honganji's two largest structures are the Goeido Hall, dedicated to Shinran, the sect's founder, and the Amidado Hall dedicated to the Amida Buddha, the most important Buddha in Jodo-Shin Buddhism. The temple also displays some surviving masterpieces of architecture from the Azuchi-Momoyama Period and early Edo Period, including the celebrated Hiunkaku Pavilion. Nishi Honganji is designated an UNESCO world heritage site.”
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Shopping Mall
“Aeon Mall Kyoto is one of leargest shopping centre in Kyoto, just front of Kyoto station. Walk 5 mins from Kyostay Iroha. Super market, drug store,food court,Restaurants, Toy, Fashion,Sports etc There is rental bicycle parking. イオンモール京都 大型ショッピングセンター スーパー、ドラッグストア、トイザらス、ZARA・ユニクロなどのファッション、レストラン、フードコート、一通りそろいます。 レンタル自転車のパーキングもあり。”
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Tindahan ng Kagamitang Elektroniko
“Huge shopping complex of Home electronics and more in the front of Kyoto station.”
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“This museum introduce about train and railway. In here, we can "see, touch, and experience". Everyone ,come here enjoy them. How about watching Japan's train? ”
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Department Store
“ Takashimaya department store. The founder started his business of cotton textile and second hand kimono in Kyoto,1831. His talent and his successors made a small shop that huge department store company that conquered Japanese retail business. The shopping bag of the "Takashimaya red Rose" has been a proof of wealth for people ( at least Kyoto people.) Not reasonable, but their selection is very trustworthy.”
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Department Store
“Daimaru Shopping Malls. You can find clothes, accessories, cosmetic goods and food.”
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Place of Worship
“Mibu-dera was founded in 991 and belongs to the Risshū school. It houses tombs of pro-shogunate Shinsen-gumi members, who fought bloody street battles resisting the forces that succeeded in restoring the emperor in 1868. Except for an unusual stupa covered in Jizō statues, the temple is of limited interest. It is, however, definitely worth visiting during Mibu kyōgen (comic drama) performances in late April, or the Setsubun celebrations in early February.”
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Istasyon ng tren
“Kyoto's main transit hub is just one stop from Toji Station, which is just an 8-minute walk from "Akebono-an".”
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“World is Kyoto's largest club and it naturally hosts some of the biggest events.It has two floors,a dance floor and lockers where you can leave your stuff while you dance the night away.Events include everything from deep soul to reggae and techno to salsa. admission¥2500-3000,drink from ¥500”
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“One of the Starbucks Coffee shop in Kyoto.You can enjoy their excellent beverages while enjoying shopping. ”
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Department Store
“B2 glossary shop and variety of deli shops B1 Japanese and western sweets shops 1~9F Department store 10, 11F Restaurants”
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Mga nangungunang restawran

BBQ Joint
“京の焼肉処 弘 京都駅前店(Yakiniku Restauran Hiro) Cheap and it is delicious Yakiniku Restauran’s. I am also going to eat well!”
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“Modern and inventive Kaiseki. Open: 5:30AM-11PM TIP: Make a reservation +81 75 343 7070”
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“(Omen) This branch of Kyoto's famed Omen noodle chain is the best place to stop while exploring the Southern Higashiyama district. It's in a re modelled Japanese building with a light, it airy feeling. The signature udon (thick white ar wheat noodles) are delicious and there are many other la carte offerings.”
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Restawran ng Sushi
“すし岩(sushiiwa) Steve Jobs praised " was the most delicious in my life ! Kyoto sushi " sushiiwa "”
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Tindahan ng Pizza
“Craving pizza even though you are in Japan? Well, welcome to Goichi Pizza! Here they have properly made Italian style pizza and some other Japanese style pizzas as well. The chef always recommends to not eat the Teriyaki pizza, but its honestly the best on his menu! (Don't tell him I said that!)”
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“100 revolving sushi restaurant. If you want to try reasonable sushi restaurant, you should try this restaurant. Kids will enjoy here.”
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“Famous Kyoto Udon restaurant! Taste delicious! Distance: 3 minutes' walk Opening hours: 11:30~19:00, closed Sunday”
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Restawran na Asian
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