Sapporo 4bed room 4 bathroom susukino by walk 5min


Buong mauupahang unit na hino-host ni Yukio

14 na bisita, 4 na kuwarto, 11 higaan, 4 na paliguan
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☆Near Higashihonganji-Mae light rail station 350 metre☆
☆Near Susukino subway station 900 metre☆

☆4 separate room in 1st floor and 2nd floor with full equipment.
☆This listing there are 4 separate room in 1st floor and 2nd floor. Each room have 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 1 toilet.
☆Up to 14 persons can stay at this listing.
☆Free Wi-Fi.
☆Toilet and bathroom are separated.
☆You can enjoy cooking light meals with cooking tools in the kitchen.
☆There is a convenience store within walking distance.

Ang tuluyan
1. Overview
◎ 4 separate room in 1st floor and 2nd floor (with separate entrance).
★ Quiet area - great for family near Higashihonganji-Mae light rail station【東本願寺前駅】 by walk 350 metre/ Near Susukino subway station【すすきの駅】by walk 900 metre.
☆ There is a convenience store within walking distance.
◎ [Winter] There are heater inside room.
◎ Our place there is elevator.

2. House information
◎ This listing there are 4 separate room in 1st floor and 2nd floor. Each room have 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 1 toilet.

◎ 1st floor there is 1 separate room.
★ [Room number 103] 1st room there are 1 bedroom, 1 kitchen bar, 1 dinning table, 1 bathroom and 1 toilet.
☆ Bedroom there are 3 single beds.
☆ Dinning table with 4 seats.

◎ 2nd floor there are 3 separate room (with separate entrance). [3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms].
★ [Room number 201] 1st room there are 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 1 toilet.
☆ Bedroom there are 1 queen bed, 1 double bed and 1 single sofa bed.

★ [Room number 202] 2nd room there are 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 1 toilet.
☆ Bedroom there are 4 single bed and 1 single sofa bed.

★ [Room number 203] 3rd room there are 1 small living room, 1 dinning table, 1 kitchen bar, 1 laundry room, 1 bathroom and 1 toilet.
☆ Small living room there is 1 double sofa bed.
☆ Dinning table come with 8 seats.
☆ Kitchen bar come with basic kitchenware.
☆ Laundry room come with washing machine and dryer machine.

So in total you will get 1 queen bed, 1 double beds, 7 single bed, 1 double sofa bed and 2 single sofa bed.

3. Luxury Amenities
◎ Hair dryer
★ Clothes hanger
◎ Washer machine and dryer machine
★ Free home wifi
◎ TV flat screen
★ Towel, shampoo, soap and conditioner
◎ Equipped kitchen for you to cook a light meal
★ Glass, bowl, dish, spoon, pan and pot
◎ Stove, microwave, oven, refrigerator, kettle and etc.
★ Irons and iron board.

It is a space where you can not experience in a narrow hotel in Japan.

Before check in & after check out we can keep your bag (Free)

Room 103 36.72 area : square meters
Room 201 37.45 area : square meters
Room 202 36.66 area : square meters
Room 203 36.72 area : square meters

Ang inaalok ng lugar na ito

Wifi – 210 Mbps
Libre na washer – Nasa unit
Libre na dryer – Nasa unit
Central air conditioning
Pinapayagan ang pag-iwan ng bagahe
Mga panseguridad na camera sa property


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Walang baitang na pasukan sa kuwarto
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Walang baitang na pasukan sa kuwarto

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Chūō-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaidō, Japan

☆ Our place nearby convenience store ☆
- 65 metre from FamilyMart ファミリーマート 札幌南6条西9丁目店.
- 170 metre from Lawson ローソン 札幌南6条西七丁目店.
- 240 metre from Seicomart Minami 6 Jo Shop.
- 350 metre from FamilyMart ファミリーマート 札幌南7条西7丁目店.
- 350 metre from 7-Eleven セブン-イレブン 札幌南6条店.
- 350 metre from Seicomart Higashitondentsu Shop.
- 400 metre from Lawson Sapporo Minami 6 Jonishi 6-chome.
- 400 metre from Seicomart Minami 4-Jo Shop.

☆ Our place nearby supermarket ☆
- 180 metre from 丸正食品チェーン南7条店 supermarket.
- 350 metre from Dinner Bell supermarket.
- 1.0 k.m. from Toukou Store Nishisen 6-Jō Shop supermarket.

☆ Our place nearby restaurant ☆
- [Recommend] 150 metre from Ebisoba Ichigen Main Shop Ramen restaurant. [Open from
11AM–3AM] [Close at Wednesday].
- [Recommend] 130 metre from Ramen Shingen Ramen restaurant. [Open from 11:30AM–1AM].
- [Recommend] 650 metre from Daruma Main Shop Yakiniku restaurant. [Open from 5PM–3AM].
- [Recommend] 1 k.m. from Seafood Buffet NANDA Seafood restaurant. [Open from 11AM–10PM].
- 110 metre from つけ麺 六芒星 Ramen restaurant. [Open from 11AM–2:50PM and 6PM–10PM].
- 150 metres from Gojogen Ramen restaurant. [Open from 11AM–3AM].
- 280 metre from うなぎ二葉 Unagi restaurant. [Open from 11AM–9PM] [Close at Tuesday].
- 280 metre from らあめん新 Ramen restaurant. [Open from 12PM–2AM] [Close at Monday].
- 300 metre from 豚丼まむろ Japanese restaurant. [Open from 12PM–9PM] [Close at Monday].
- 300 metre from Grilled meat Gurumanzu Ito Yakiniku restaurant. [Open from 6PM–3AM] [Close at Wednesday].
- 300 metre from Yakiniku Restaurant Totori Yakiniku restaurant. [Open from 12PM–3AM] .
- 350 metres from Sandria Sandwich shop. [Open for 24 hours].
- 500 metres from Bikkuri Donkey Family restaurant. [Open from 10AM–2AM].
- 550 metres from Gusto Family restaurant. [Open for 24 hours].

☆ Around Susukino subway station have many delicious restaurant nearby ☆

Hino-host ni Yukio

Sumali noong Marso 2013
  • 9,250 Review
  • Naberipika ang pagkakakilanlan
  • Superhost
Travel information: COVID-19 Latest information Air Global Agency Management vacation rentals will monitor the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) statements on cases of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and Follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health. For us, the health of our customers and employees is a top priority. Our infection prevention measures: We comply with hygiene and cleanliness standards and take further steps to ensure the safety of our customers and employees. Our vacation rentals around the world follow the latest hygiene and cleaning instructions. Our vacation rental health and safety measures are designed to address a wide range of viruses, including COVID-19, in everything from hand-washing hygiene and cleaning supplies to cleaning rooms and common areas. . Specific steps taken by Air Global Agency: Employee health, safety, and knowledge: An effective cleaning program requires the health, safety, and knowledge of vacation rental employees and their employees. We do the following to support our employees: * Hygiene by hand washing: 手 Hand washing is essential to prevent the spread of the virus. At daily meetings, we remind our team that this simple act starts with cleanliness. Hand washing is important to the health of employees and customers. * Ongoing Training: In addition to training on housekeeping and hygiene procedures, vacation rental employees have also completed enhanced COVID-19 awareness training. * Real-time information: AirGlobal's headquarters and regional teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support each vacation rental and coordinate with local and regional authorities. Cleaning supplies and procedures: Our vacation rentals use cleaning supplies and procedures that are effective against the following viruses: * Rooms: Each vacation rental carefully cleans the items and parts of the room that are commonly touched after the customer checks out and before the next guest arrives, following the cleaning and disinfection procedures. * Public Spaces: Increase the frequency of cleaning public spaces in the hotel and disinfect with emphasis on front desk counters, elevators, elevator buttons, door handles, public toilets and even room keys. * Back office: Increased the frequency of cleaning the “back office” where hotel employees work, especially in areas that are often accessible, such as employee entrances, locker rooms, laundry rooms, and staff offices. For the latest information on new coronavirus infections, please refer to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the announcement from your local health authority. 旅行情報:COVID-19最新情報 エアグローバルエージェンシーマネジメントのバケーションレンタルは、新しいコロナウイルス感染(COVID-19)の事例に関する米国疾病対策予防センター(CDC)および世界保健機関(WHO)の声明を監視し、保健省の指示に従います。 私たちにとって、お客様と従業員の健康は最優先事項です。 私たちの感染防止対策: 衛生基準と清潔基準を順守し、お客様と従業員の安全を確保するためのさらなる措置を講じます。世界中の当社のバケーションレンタルは、最新の衛生および清掃の指示に従います。私たちのバケーションレンタルの健康と安全対策は、手洗いの衛生と清掃用品から清掃室や共用エリアに至るまで、COVID-19を含む幅広いウイルスに対処するように設計されています。 。エアグローバルエージェンシーが実施した具体的な手順: 従業員の健康、安全、および知識:効果的な清掃プログラムには、バケーションレンタルの従業員とその従業員の健康、安全、および知識が必要です。従業員をサポートするために次のことを行います。 *手洗いによる衛生:手洗いはウイルスの拡散を防ぐために不可欠です。毎日の会議で、この単純な行為は清潔さから始まることをチームに思い出させます。手洗いは、従業員と顧客の健康にとって重要です。 *継続的なトレーニング:ハウスキーピングと衛生手順に関するトレーニングに加えて、バケーションレンタルの従業員は強化されたCOVID-19認識トレーニングを完了しています。 *リアルタイム情報:AirGlobalの本社および地域チームは、各バケーションレンタルをサポートし、地元および地域の当局と調整するために、1日24時間、週7日間利用できます。 クリーニング用品と手順:バケーションレンタルでは、以下のウイルスに対して効果的なクリーニング用品と手順を使用しています。 *部屋:各バケーションレンタルは、顧客がチェックアウトした後、次のゲストが到着する前に、掃除および消毒手順に従って、一般的に触れられるアイテムおよび部屋の部分を慎重に掃除します。 *公共スペース:ホテルの公共スペースの清掃頻度を増やし、フロントカウンター、エレベーター、エレベーターボタン、ドアハンドル、公衆トイレ、さらには部屋の鍵に重点を置いて消毒します。 *バックオフィス:ホテルの従業員が働く「バックオフィス」の清掃頻度を増やしました。特に、従業員の入り口、ロッカールーム、ランドリールーム、スタッフオフィスなど、頻繁にアクセスできるエリアで。 新しいコロナウイルス感染に関する最新情報については、米国疾病管理予防センター(CDC)または地元の保健当局からの発表を参照してください。 2020年3月12日 旅行信息:COVID-19最新信息 全球航空管理局管理的假期租賃將監視美國疾病預防控制中心(CDC)和世界衛生組織(WHO)關於新冠狀病毒感染病例的聲明(COVID-19),並遵循衛生部的指示。 對我們而言,客戶和員工的健康是重中之重。 我們的感染預防措施: 我們遵守衛生和清潔標準,並採取進一步措施以確保客戶和員工的安全。我們在全球的度假屋都遵循最新的衛生和清潔說明。我們的度假屋租賃健康與安全措施旨在解決各種病毒,包括從洗手的衛生和清潔用品到更衣室和公共區域的各種病毒,包括COVID-19。 。全球航空局採取的具體步驟: 員工的健康,安全和知識:有效的清潔計劃需要度假租賃員工及其員工的健康,安全和知識。我們做以下工作來支持我們的員工: *洗手衛生:手洗手對於防止病毒傳播至關重要。在日常會議上,我們提醒我們的團隊,這種簡單的行為始於清潔。洗手對於員工和客戶的健康至關重要。 *正在進行的培訓:除了提供客房清潔和衛生程序方面的培訓外,度假租賃員工還完成了增強的COVID-19意識培訓。 *實時信息:AirGlobal的總部和地區團隊每週7天,每天24小時為您提供服務,以支持每次度假租賃並與地方和地區當局進行協調。 清潔用品和程序:我們的度假屋使用有效的清潔用品和程序來防禦下列病毒: *房間:每位度假屋的房客在退房後和下一位客人抵達之前,均應按照清潔和消毒程序仔細清潔房間中經常接觸的物品和部分。 *公共場所:增加清潔酒店公共場所的頻率並進行消毒,重點放在前台櫃檯,電梯,電梯按鈕,門把手,公共廁所甚至房間的鑰匙上。 *後台:增加了清潔酒店員工工作的“後台”的頻率,尤其是在經常出入的區域,例如員工入口,更衣室,洗衣房和員工辦公室。 有關新的冠狀病毒感染的最新信息,請參考美國疾病控制與預防中心(CDC)或您當地衛生部門的公告。 2020年3月12日 March 12, 2020 日本全国 ASEAN全域 主要都市での民泊送客管理承ります。 TAT(Tourist Authority Thailand ) 11/1053 ATTA(Association of Thai Travel Agent) TAA(Thai Travel Agent Assocition) ITA(Air ticket Agent Assocition) 本社 タイ バンコク 日本支社 札幌 カンボジア支社 シェムリアップ ミャンマー支社 ヤンゴン ベトナム支社 ダナン シンガポール支社 エアーグローバルエージェンシー If you are interested in developing vacation rental business in Japan& Thailand we can support all thing 日本 北海道 東京 千葉 神奈川 京都 大阪 沖縄 宮古島(All properties in Japan have a hotel license or Minpaku license for a new residence bill.) タイ チェンマイ アユタヤ バンコク シラチャ パタヤ プーケット カンボジア シェムリアップ プノンペン ラオ (Website hidden by Airbnb) ビエンチャイ アメリカ ハワイ サンフランシスコ ロサンゼルス ニューヨーク インドネシア バリ島 ベトナム ハノイ ホーチミン1 シンガポール フランス パリ市内 及び近郊 イギリス ロンドン リバプープ イタリア スペイン 全世界 民泊運営管理 気軽にご相談ください。 功到自然成 功亏一篑 健康胜于财富 臥薪嘗胆 富国 ฆ่าควายอย่าเสียดายพริก ช้า ๆ ได้พร้าสองเล่มงาม ต้นร้ายปลายดี Airbnb Best of Bangkok(Thai land) Airbnb Best of Japan (sapporo)(tokyo)(kyoto)(Osaka)(Okinawa) We are canceling the property whose 5 stars are less than 75%. Even though the number of cases is high, it is a high quality. Nice to meet you. My name is Yukio. I love hosting on airbnb and it is my life. It is tons of fun and there are new surprises every day! I have met so many interesting people as a host and I look forward to those I will meet in the future. I am a sports fan, reader, movie goer, and I like to try new things. I play Ski,Surfing, scuba diving and just about any sport you can think of. I love ramen, yakiniku, yakitori, and shabu shabu here in Japan. I love to try pizza all over the world when I travel. Relationships are the most important thing for me in my personal life as well as business. I like to go out and have a good time with my friends and meet new people. I have learned so much from my over three years as an airbnb host and I am pleased to say I have most questions answered for you before you ask them, whether it be in the description of the listing or in the detail I supply you with at confirmation. Still, I am always thinking of ways to make the guest experience more comfortable, efficient, and hassle free. This is my goal as a host. I will continue to get more places every month so I can host more travelers. I want everyone to see Bangkok at least once!
Travel information: COVID-19 Latest information Air Global Agency Management vacation rentals will monitor the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Healt…

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Sa iyong pamamalagi

You can always contact us through Airbnb messages during your stay. We will support you as necessary. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

You can check in by yourself. We can not meet you in check in time. Please read our check in detail and our guide before your travel. Please plan your trips carefully. If you have any question, you can ask us in advance for confirm your travel. So your travel and check in will be smooth.
You can always contact us through Airbnb messages during your stay. We will support you as necessary. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns…

Superhost si Yukio

Ang mga Superhost ay mga bihasang host na may mataas na rating at nakatuon sa pagbibigay ng magagandang pamamalagi para sa mga bisita.
  • Numero ng polisa: Hotels and Inns Business Act | 北海道 札幌市保健福祉局医務監 | 札保環許可(旅)第24号
  • Mga Wika: 中文 (简体), English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, 日本語, 한국어, Tagalog, ภาษาไทย
  • Rate sa pagtugon: 100%
  • Bilis sa pagtugon: sa loob ng isang oras
Para maprotektahan ang iyong pagbabayad, huwag kailanmang magpapadala ng pera o makikipag-ugnayan sa labas ng website o app ng Airbnb.

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Pag-check in: Pagkatapos ng 3:00 PM
Pag-check out: 11:00 AM
Sariling pag-check in sa lockbox
Bawal manigarilyo
Bawal ang alagang hayop
Bawal ang mga party o kaganapan

Kalusugan at kaligtasan

Nangangakong susunod sa proseso ng mas masusing paglilinis ng Airbnb na binubuo ng limang hakbang. Magpakita pa
Nalalapat ang mga tagubilin sa pagdistansya sa kapwa at iba pang tagubilin kaugnay ng COVID-19 na itinakda ng Airbnb
Panseguridad na camera / aparato sa pag-record Magpakita pa
Carbon monoxide alarm
Smoke alarm

Patakaran sa pagkansela

Tuklasin ang iba pang mga opsyon sa loob at palibot ng Chūō-ku, Sapporo-shi

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